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We add polish

At Taylfin, we want to help you look your best. We can help you with any writing work where you’re explaining your product to users. You may already be getting this writing done internally, many organisations will use a developer or project manager who is adept at writing to put together the documentation or web copy or whatever in their “spare time”. In fact, if you are using your people this way, you’re missing a trick, because they could be using their primary skill set to add functionality to the product.

Another reason you should consider Taylfin for your writing work is the simple fact that it is easy to make mistakes in written communications. It is easy to become so familiar with your message that you are not seeing it through the eyes of your target audience.

A while ago, the Sideswipe column in the New Zealand Herald featured a photo of an aisle sign in a Countdown supermarket that read: “placticware”. How many people involved in the store refit failed to notice that spelling error before it ended up in Sideswipe? And then it became a joke at Countdown’s expense.

At Taylfin, we are not the grammar police. We don’t believe poor writing skills are going to bring an end to society as we know it. Still, there is an impact to your brand image if bad writing is noticed by your customers. You may spend tens of thousands of dollars a week on the services of good software developers and testers to ensure the quality of your product. You strive to set high standards so your customers have confidence that your software is, for all practical purposes, bug free. Then someone makes a perfectly human mistake on the front page of your glossy brochure, and everyone who notices thinks: if they are that sloppy with their writing, what is their coding like?

You want as few bugs in your writing as in your code. To achieve that, what you need is a specialist writer, just like you need skilled coders to write your software. Sometimes all you need is a professional to proof-read some writing that has already been produced. It’s like getting a tester to check for bugs in some freshly written code.

Think of Taylfin like the can of carnuba wax used to shine up an Audi R8. It doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact it is an infinitesimally small part of the cost of developing your product or service. But we add the shine and polish to support the vision of quality you want your customers to see.